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Monday, August 5, 2013

Corel DRAW X3, X4 and X5 crashes on Open, Save As, Export. A.R.M. error.

CorelDraw has been in the graphic design business for a while now. Considering that still X3 was decent compared to 11 and 12 and also that X5 is pretty good considering Corel’s history.
Nevertheless I, and probably you too have to use and maintain it. I had the following problem on a fresh installation of Windows XP SP3: every time I wanted to export, save as or open a drawing Corel Draw X4 would crash regularly with it’s darned Crash Wizard.I tried applying the patches found on the Corel support page but it didn’t help. After some digging I found that it’s a problem related to the Common Dialogue function found in comdlg32.
You must launch regedit (ALT+R or START->RUN and type regedit and press enter) and go to:
and change NoFileMru from 0×00000001 to 0×00000000
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

If on your computer it’s already 0 it’s worth trying the other way around, just remember to set it back if it doesn’t help.
UPDATE: Users are reporting the same problem of crashing with Corel X5 and Windows XP.
Am I the only one thinking Corel is getting crapier and crapier by the version? Well not really, updating this article now, after some time I feel that x4 is really an improvement over the x3.
UPDATE: Some users reported the same problem on other Windows versions.
I hope this will save your situation. Let us know of your experience in the comments.


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